AI4AI Center for IOT

The number of AI models required for IOT applications grows exponentially with the complexity and the types of assets being monitored.  Today most vendors who are developing AI  for IOT applications, they use similar AI model design and architecture for different types of use cases.  This approach results in poor performance in most cases.

RMC’s AI4AI center for IOT significantly reduces the cost of AI development for IOT applications and provides the best possible performance for every use case. RMC’s AI4AI center can auto generate good quality custom models by using use-case and device specific IOT data along with with CMMS/EAM data. For example, RMC will auto-generate different AI models with unique architectures for predictive maintenance for different types of machines. RMC AI4AI service can also collaborate with data scientists to help improve their productivity by manyfold.

AI4AI center also provides IOT application plugins that accelerate the integration of AI in IOT applications and solutions and enable closed loop AI model management.  For IOT applications which lack good quality training data, AI4AI center facilitates in the implementation of processes that help collect training data that is required to build good quality AI models.


Our AI4AI Center enables many AI generation and management activities:

Our AI Solutions

This AI 4 AI center supports a number of turn key AI solutions such as:

Anomalies to Predictive Maintenance

One of the most challenging aspects of industrial AI is often the lack of sufficient training data to build good quality predictive maintenance AI models. RMC AI4AI center provides two solutions to this problem.

First, AI4AI center can build an AI model using accelerated aging data or physics model of an equipment or component.  To make these models more accurate, RMC adapts these models to customer’s environment by using its Newness technology.

Second, in scenarios where an industrial customer can neither acquire simulation or aging data for an equipment nor has sufficient failure history for it, AI4AI center will initially build anomaly model to monitor the health of the equipment. It will further facilitate the collection of the user feedback and CMMS data that leads to the creation of good quality training data for predictive maintenance models over time, enabling gradual transition from anomaly to predictive maintenance.

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RMC service center uses its innovative technologies to deliver many unique capabilities which
are essential for IOT applications:

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