Our Team

The team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and creative professionals who have built companies and products in small startups to fortune 500 enterprises.  Our team has built some of the most complex and sophisticated machine learning and cloud solutions for a variety of domains ranging from IOT, logistics, transportation, marketing, and healthcare.

  • Innovative – With a large number of patents, the team is renowned for disruption and innovation.

  • ML and DL Experts –The team has developed some of the most sophisticated and useful machine learning solutions

  • Domain Expertise – Strong domain expertise in enterprise and IOT domain.

  • Software Experts – Strong expertise in building complex cloud and edge base software systems

Our Values

Our core values are innovation, collaboration, focus on customer, treat everyone with respect and dignity, and open communication.

  • Innovation – Innovation runs deep among us, and we push each other to disrupt or improve what exists today

  • Customer Focus – we make concerted effort to listen to customers, and continuously improving the product to delight them

  • Collaboration we believe in the power of working together.

  • Respect– respect everyone’s ideas, contributions, and hard work

  • Be Passionate: Care about your work and take pride in what you do.

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Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focussed and efficient drug discovery